Nissedal municipality is in western Telemark and is known for its large lake Nisser and its beautiful nature. Nisser Hyttegrend and its surrounding area can offer many activities such as:


Swimming in crystal clear, fresh water on white, sandy beaches – Nissedal boasts with many kilometres of fine grained, white beaches.


Fishing in Nisser (40km long) and nearby mountain lakes – Here, you can catch both trout, whitefish, and other fishes by pole, net, or the Norwegian otter and nesjødrag. Fishing licences can be purchased at the tourist information in Treungen.

Waymarked hiking and skiing trails

We have an expansive net of trails nearby during both summer and winter, e.g. at Hægefjell, 1022 m.a.s.l. During winter, we have vehicle prepped trails, Fjone Høgfjell, at the snowy altitude of 800-1000 m.a.s.l.


The area is known for its biking friendly terrain with trails, gravel roads, and long slopes of smooth polished rock. A trip around Nisser of about 40km offers light biking terrain along the water and a short trip with the cable ferry across Fjonesundet. There is only a short drive to Gautefall, one of the best biking trail areas in all of Norway.


Nissedal is one of Norway’s most visited climbing areas with trails in all levels of difficulty.


Gautefall Alpine Centre ca. 25 min. Vrådal Alpine Centre ca. 50 min.

Berries and mushrooms of all sortsBerries and mushrooms of all sorts

Fjone is known for large areas of lingonberry, blueberry, and even a few cloudberries. Mushrooms such as boletus, chanterelle and funnel chanterelle can be found near the roads!

View and tranquilityView and tranquility

Nissedal/Fjone is an area with little disturbing traffic. Here, you can find your own beach, your own little island, or a patch of warm, smooth, glacier polished rock in the summer. The water is crystal clear with sandy shores!