About Nisser hyttegrend

Nisser hyttegrend is located right next to Nisser – the largest lake in Telemark. The municipality of Nissedal is a year-round destination for tourists, with an abundance of activities available both Summer and Winter. The west side of Nisser is widely known for its long, sandy beaches, and is a fantastic place to go swimming, for both children and grown-ups.

Hiking routes, good fishing, bike trails, climbing routes and proximity to skiing centres make Nissedal a popular area for cabins. On this side of the lake the traffic is very limited, and chances are that you will find your own little beach or island to enjoy in peace and quiet.

Nisser hyttegrend has a beautiful view over Nisser and the nearby mountains.

It is rare to be able to come so close to the water and still have this spectacular view. The plots range from approximately 1000 m2 to 2000 m2. They are located in slanted terrain upwards from the water. Prices include preliminary groundwork, and preliminary work for power and sewage systems.

We offer plots for both renting and private ownage. Prices start at 400.000 NOK (approximately 41.000 EUR at the current exchange rate, 10.1.16) for the privately owned plots.

We can also offer a very favourable package deal for plots and cabins

  • Cabin + rented plot 975.000 NOK (approx. 100.000 EUR at the current exchange rate)
  • Cabin + privately owned plot from 1.295.000 NOK (approx. 133.000 EUR at the current exchange rate)

Because of the year-round destination nature of Nissedal municipality, it is easy to rent out your cabin on both the Norwegian and Danish/German/Dutch markets, at all times.